Man cave

The term "man cave" is what several people have used to describe my "garage renovation project"... It is probably not that far from the truth.

To be fair - this is to be mine, though I know James is trying to get a piece of it. He has been left on his own by his girlfriend for a while at least while she does a teacher training course in another country.

The next stage really is clearing out the crap that is in there and that means Sandra actually doing something. Once cleared I can get on with it. No shortage of help from the staff, and it should be easy to make it happen real soon now.

I have a survey for air-con next week, and the builder coming in to take a look as discuss stuff. Right now I have a concept for the "work bench" which will be one whole wall. I think I need 5m long solid wood worktop sections to do this right. I think doing a 5m worktop with a second below in the middle as a T shape, a gap to the wall for power and cabling and a step/kick-board to support PCs and stuff, as well as sockets all the way along. It should look good with almost all cabling hidden from view, but be very practical. I need to sort some sort of storage, book shelves and the like and space for tools.

The rest of the room should be sofa, chairs and a big TV with gaming systems. I suspect a good gaming UHD 3D machine - might have to be windoze even, not sure. And James will want consoles of some sort, a complete set somehow. I am sure I can engineer a Sheldon style "spot" that is mine.

I'll sort some more optics and a fridge in to the mix somehow as well.

My best guess right now is that I'll be lucky if sorted by the end of the year - but I can try.

It won't be cheap, but I suspect cheaper than a sports car or absconding with some bimbo as some middle aged men might do.


  1. Forgot that you'll also need this


  2. Remember to reserve some space to park the Harley that you'll want next year.

  3. A couple of suggestions for the workbench:
    At the back of the bench, a sloping shelf with a "foot" at the bottom to put documents, manuals, diagrams etc. on, so you can read them while working in front of them (a bit like a cookbook-holder, but much wider). Of course I did this in the days before electronic documents, so a monitor on a swing-arm may be more useful, but a shelf can hold a lot of actual pages side-by-side (circuit diagram, PCB layout, parts list...).

    A way to stop dropped small objects from reaching the floor - jewelers have a cloth that's attached under the bench, and on "your" side they are concave with strings at the end - tie these round your waist and you have a catching cloth into which things will fall. (Remember to untie before you get up and walk away!)

    Or you could just make a concave cutout that fits you, and you just lean against it to "seal" the gap between you and the bench.

    These last are to thwart "Howard's Law of Dropped Small Objects" which states that any dropped small object always ends up much further from the point of dropping than you ever think possible, even when you take account of Howard's Law of Dropped Small Objects...



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