I have had a damn song running around in my head.

OK that happens, but this has been for fucking months now, almost as long as this damn cold virus. Maybe it is related somehow!

Whilst at Mike's in Gloucester this weekend it even came on the radio. Arrg.

It is the "ironic" song, the one that is ironic because it lists a load of things that are supposedly ironic when they are not in fact ironic, making the song itself ironic.

"like rain, on your wedding day"

That is not ironic in any way at all. At best it is bad luck, but that depends on when and where you arranged your wedding. In some places and climates it would be 100% expected even.

The song annoys the hell out of me at the best of times.

Why the hell is it stuck in my head?

I hope my blog is a form of room 101 - somewhere to put this and be done with it forever... Please, no more of the song (or the virus).


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