Some times BT just don't understand

We have a customer getting extra latency in the evenings, and noticeable slow down in performance (e.g. 20M on a 70M line).

It is clearly evening/residential congestion somewhere within BT's network. This is something we handle quite often. It could be cabinet level, exchange level, BRAS level or somewhere else. We only have one customer affected, so seems quite local to him. It also came on suddenly after an outage of a few seconds one day, suggesting something has been re-routed within BT to a congested link.

The excuses and replies from BT on this relatively simple issue are getting beyond a joke.

Bear in mind, they end emails with things like: Our vision for BT is to be dedicated to helping customers thrive in a changing world.  and BT Wholesale is a world-class enabler of converged network solutions.

  • All BT tests completed ok, diagnostics show no fault condition.
  • Right when tested (several times)
  • Suggest sending an SFI (even though SFI will not test latency, will not go at the time there is latency, and will only test for phone line to SIN349 so will charge).
  • Service cannot be provided due to line loss limitations;Broadband service cannot be maintained due to Line Loss limitations (even though this is a 70Mb/s line).
  • Congestion is due to Internet (even though we check LCPs between use and modem, so only "internet" involved is BT's back haul network).
  • Lift and shift to new port at cabinet cannot be done if no access to premises (even though they will happily install FTTC with no access to premises).
  • Latency issues at peak times are beyond our control (even though it is their network).
  • Several unexpected engineer visits to site with no idea why there were there.
As ever we will continue to battle this one, but it is a tad depressing that these issues cannot quickly be escalated to someone in BT that has the same basic understanding as our own front line technical staff.


  1. To be fair your front-line staff set a pretty high bar ;-) They make me seem like a total n00b and I code for a living.

    1. I think that is a complement, but I hope they are not condescending at all and are helpful.


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