Sales dropping - increase prices!

We (A&A) are putting up the install price of the Office::1 package from £300 to £500 from 1st April. If you want the lower price, order now!

This is mainly down to the cost of setting up two phone lines, with DSL or FTTC, modems, and a FireBrick, but to be honest I think it is just way too low.

The Office::1 package really is a very good alternative to a "leased line" for small/medium (or even large) offices. People should be comparing to "lines" that cost at least £3k to install!

So I am not sure we are really capturing the market as we are a bit too cheap, to be honest. We put a lot of work in to Office::1 as a premium multiple line package with bonding and fallback.

I may be able to lower some ongoing prices, but make 200G the entry level too. This won't affect existing 100GB customers, obviously, but it is an idea. I'll contemplate that.

It is an odd marketing thing - put prices up to get the market that you want. But I think it really applies to this sort of package.

Anyway, it is available at the lower cost for the rest of the month.

I have also tweaked new Home::1 installs - partly in preparation for the wires-only FTTC install and partly because we have been throwing away money on simultaneous FTTC and phone line. It used to be cheaper (same cost as ADSL and phone line) but BT quietly dropped that discounted price from the price list about a year ago and we have been handing out discounts for a while. Not good.

I hope to also be able to lower the included phone line install price when getting "naked DSL" where we do the phone line only for broadband. That may be later this month.

Juggling as ever, and BT pricing is not an easy thing to juggle.

P.S. Sales of Office::1 are not actually dropping, just thought the title would be fun.


  1. That's annoying, we have a branch that's suffering on the end of a long line with slow speed, but which we'll be moving later this year probably. But no point in putting office::1 into it at the moment and a £200 jump in install is a fairly large jump. I struggle to see how there can be that much of a jump in FTTC/phone line costs that result in such a large setup cost, especially considering the high monthly charge on that product which should amortise the firebrick cost over the minimum period at least.
    From a business point of view, we did ask if there was a 50gb price point as well as the 100gb options - I must speak to sales this week and upgrade our office::1 branches actually as they're continuously getting overage charges due to site>site backups.
    Shame also, that we can't buy off peak traffic within the network a bit cheaper for this sort of thing.
    Can't fault the product though, does what it says on the tin and is flawless :)

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I would say that there is likely to be some leeway for people that have Office::1 lines already so do talk to us if/when you need another office done. You will benefit from lower cost 200GB if upgrading to that.

    2. Ok, no worries. Will the monthly cost be going up to reflect the 200GB limit change, or will it remain the same - in which case shouldn't existing customers benefit from the change in limit also?

    3. 200GB was 225 and will be 200 and existing customers will benefit.

  2. £3k to install a leased line?! It's a decade out of date, like the per-unit bandwidth pricing! Goscomb, CCS Leeds and others can do a leased line with FREE installation and 100/100Mbps at £500 to £620 in areas with good fibre availability.

    1. Got sub-£300 from Hyperoptic for that in SE1 18 months ago - on 3 year contract (100/100 back to the fibre node, not shared)

    2. Hi Mike - would you mind sharing more details privately please? I'm in SE1 and interested in getting something similar.

    3. A lot of people do free install on 3 year terms, but not so much on one year terms!


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