My solicitor

This is not something I have done before as such, i.e. officially a solicitor on a retainer of some sort - "my solicitor". Obviously one does not go through 52 years of life without encountering the legal profession in many areas, but this is the first time I have had "my solicitor".

It has sort of come about as a result of A&A getting one. A&A have now engaged a solicitor on a more permanent basis, having used several for various reasons in the past. It is mainly down to finding someone we like.

It is one of those resources you hope not to have to use, but even little things like reviewing the wording of our terms and conditions at A&A, and so on, it is useful to pay someone to do that.

In fact the main reason for A&A getting one is to sort some letters to BT and TT over SFI issues, but more on that when the dust settles. If nothing else, it is massively helpful to have a second opinion on such matters.

I won't say the firm's name unless they are happy for me to do so. I believe it is correct to say they are a specialist telecoms solicitors.

But I thought "what the hell?" and have signed up myself to have a solicitor. I hope I never have to use you, sorry...


  1. In this case I presume SFI refers to Special Faults Investigation rather than Settlement Free Interconnect?

  2. Have you been able to find a solicitor who can use email properly (instead of printing documents then scanning them as images to be attached to the email)? And one that can use encrypted email?

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    2. David, I am solicitor and I send PDFs generated by MS Word or other such PDF print engines, resulting in scalable fonts and small file sizes. I also urge everyone I correspond with, including clients, to encrypt files when attaching them to email, but I would say the majority of them do not bother.

      Kindly refrain from brushing an entire profession with the same tar. Thank you.

    3. Having some in the family, I've seen quite a range - and at one end, sadly it really does consist of offices relying on a Hotmail account for the firm, printing out incoming email. (Plus recording all mobile calls with some Android app!)

      It's good to be reminded that the other extreme exists too; I'm sure the worst aspects violate rules or even laws; some would be easy to detect on audit, others almost impossible.

  3. Not all solicitors are IT illiterate.

    I'm one and can just about use e-mail properly (back to the days of a Demon tenner a month KA9Q setup in the early 90's and before that, Prestel/Fido/dialup BBS e-mail) and encrypted e-mail (from Phil Zimmermann's original PGP).

    Coming up to 16 years as an A&A customer too (ISDN kit and then ADSL from 2001 till now)!


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