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This is my personal blog. The text on the right makes that clear. But I post about A&A stuff from time to time. So what's the deal?

Well, yes, this is my personal blog, and it is not in any way ever any sort of official statement by Andrews & Arnold Ltd. This is the very reason I made the blog, so I could make frank personal and even emotional posts (rants even) that would perhaps be unprofessional if made as posts by the company.

When I post about A&A I am posting because I work there and am a director. I am posting about my personal experience and about my day. I live and breath A&A - it is hard not to when you own and run a small company. But I am posting about my day and not officially as the company. I post because the company allows me to post details of things that have happened and are happening in the company from my personal perspective. Not all employees of all companies enjoy that freedom, and it is good being the boss to allow myself that freedom.

I do have to be a bit careful and draw lines - the company cannot give any employers carte blanc to reveal personal information. I try to ensure I am playing by the rules, but also that I can tell people what is really happening without feeling too constrained.

So yes, some times, details of what is happening in A&A get posted here. I like to think I can post more about the experiences and the challenges and the issues in a more frank and personal way than could be done "officially".

I also post on the A&A status pages as "official" comment and news items on the A&A web site, but they are more politically correct as an official company statement.

It means I can really explain some of the frustrations. It was due to serious rants against BT back in the day when we only had the A&A status page that caused me to make this blog, and why it is called RevK's Rants in the first place. It was, back then, getting to the stage that BT were causing me a lot of very unprofessional stress and frustration. It was not right for the company to make such statements, so I make them personally in my blog. These days BT are generally much better.

I find it massively therapeutic to put my concerns down in writing. I can lose sleep over an issue for days, but make a blog post on the matter an I can "put it to bed" and sleep better. Some things need to be said and this is a forum on which to say them.

I hope that makes sense, but I thought it worth just making clear - there are people that massively confuse the personal blog that this is, and the company, and think they are the same. They are far from it. Andrews & Arnold Ltd have no editorial control or responsibility for this blog in any way. It is all me.


  1. Thanks for the clarification but, for me at least, there wasn't any confusion.

    As a customer, getting these glimpses into the inner workings of A&A is quite educational and is, I believe, one of the better aspects of being a customer. You have a small office hundreds of miles from where I live, it would be very easy for A&A to become a faceless entity that I occasionally deal with but these blogs put a face (and more!) to that entity.

  2. I can concur with ContextSwitch - one of the reasons I chose A&A, not just for myself, but for my then employer, was as a direct result of reading your blog and knowing that A&A, with you at the helm, was full of clue. And that you were happy to hit BT with the cluebat as well!

  3. Have been a customer for over a decade, long before you started the blog, and like ContextSwitch have never had an issue differentiating between your personal and professional opinion and have also found it educating, insightful and humorous. I remember how refreshing it was to hear that you got as hacked off reading BT/Openreach's responses on faults as I, the customer did.
    To me your 'Man Cave' postings were as eagerly awaited as some of the best series on TV and has given me some ideas on converting my garage which is inconveniently about a foot too narrow for actually putting a car in!!


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