Number porting update

Just a quick update - thanks to all those that have emailed in - we'll be in touch as soon as we can start trials.

So far it seems BT may possibly have a bug in their order processing that means these orders just don't work. We are trying to get that fixed now. It does kind of suggest this will be a pretty unique offering though. So I'll update when we know more.

Update: BT a/c manager has confirmed: "I do have access to a Openreach specialists who can help us with the questions that are raised. He has informed me that the renumber for exporting is a current process then in theory should work." so we are not going mad, this should indeed work. Working with BT to get it fixed now.


  1. What a coincidence - a bug that makes it harder for their customers to leave... Good luck getting that fix prioritised.

    1. Ha, well, but it is actually helping us take on WLR3 and broadband services if we can do that without losing the broadband. Yes, the voice traffic leaves. Good point though, we can play the anticompetitive card if they don't fix it.

  2. Interesting. I imagine it's a niche market, but BT must already have had a similar mechanism in place for handling nuisance call issues (where, from what I read, they re-number the line without ceasing it)? The new NTE5c and SOGEA will probably bring increased demand from the likes of Zen, though: they could migrate an existing line to SOGEA FTTC, port the number over to VoIP and supply a VoIP capable router, taking all the calls off BT's network and keeping the origination/termination fees in their pocket rather than BT's, as well as being able to offer the usual VoIP extras.

    I'm looking forward to seeing it up and running though - ditto SOGEA (which Kelly accidentally put me on for a few days earlier in the year).

    1. Ah, we can renumber without killing broadband - the trick is a renumber and number export so that the old number goes off to VoIP in the process. That is what is tricky. As for simple renumber, I managed that and even managed to get back my old house number from like 20 years ago.


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