Tax avoider?

With all the hassle Cameron is getting I am starting to worry that I will get branded a "tax avoider".

I drink a lot of fruit juice. I am pretty sure it is off-shore juice as well, after all we don't grow many oranges or mangos in the UK do we. It has all the sugar of energy drinks but will have none of the "sugar tax". So by drinking juice, and not red bull, I'll be avoiding my fair share of tax.

What worries me more is that I don't drive or smoke - that is loads of tax I avoid.

Is that ethical?


  1. Remember to also close your ISAs and any other tax-efficient savings accounts you might have. We all have an ethical obligation to donate as much money as possible to the government so they can fund the vital censorship and surveillance projects that keep us safe.

    1. I actually *do* have such an obligation (and feel rather guilty merely keeping money in an ISA). But that's because the NHS spent millions keeping me alive, far more than I can ever repay in taxes... I guess it's my obligation to stay employed for as long as possible, and earn as much as possible, instead, and not evade income taxes etc :)

  2. Just get up to 3 or 4 bottles a day of the special Whiskey you blogged about previously to make up for the slacking in the smoking department!

  3. You're not thinking enough along the lines of "thought police". Your consumption of fruit juices is not with the intent of avoiding tax, that just happens to be a happy side effect.

  4. I bet you also avoid the 'plastic bag tax' by taking your own bags to the supermarket

  5. Do you know, or have you ever known, anyone who's ever been to a 'duty free' shop? If so, you may be guilty of *a conspiracy* to avoid tax, which is perhaps even worse than avoiding it yourself.

    There can be few greater displays of combined stupidity and hypocrisy that the periodic wankfests which surround this subject.

    Anybody who harangues me about my dead relatives' financial affairs will be given clear (Anglo-Saxon) directions to the nearest seance.


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