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I posted back in April...

And finally with the latest release, some 6 months later, my Apple TV is no longer asking my Apple password every time I try to watch anything.

I have to say that their support is pretty crap. Periodically, every month or two, I have called, and every time I get someone that is polite and nice and well trained in placating complaining customers. They will take on the case and be my point of contact. They will stay with it until it is resolved. They understand how frustrating it is. The customer interaction training is excellent, if not the technical support behind the scenes.

Every time they have something to delay matters, such as their support people wanting times/dates of the issue, and so on.

Often it was "they wanted to know X", but that was weeks of months before and nobody emailed me or called me to say they were now waiting for something. I had to brave using my Apple TV again, get pissed off with it, and after a few drinks, feel up to the conversation with them again. Hard work.

Irony now - friends of mine can no longer use their Apple TV at all, just not accepting their password at all. Ooops.

So, now, do I go for a 4K Apple TV as I have had a 4K TV for years now? Probably.

I feel like a sheep!


  1. > friends of mine can no longer use their Apple TV at all, just not accepting their password at all

    1.5 hours on the phone with Apple today. Friendly, and so far a reference to engineers. But no Apple TV functionality at all, other than as an Airplay receiver.

    1. It looks like it was — in part, at least — me. It seems that, after the tvOS update, it needs to do DNS lookups to different domains than before, and my DNS server was interfering with them. I was fooled because an older Apple TV was working with the same DNS server config.

  2. If you get the same problems as before, I would kindly ask that you record the verbal exchange with the 'geniuses' in your local Apple store when you return it.

    You can return a used item within 14 days of purchase to any Apple store and merely cite "Buyer's Remorse" as the reason in order to receive a full refund.

  3. Nvidia Shield (Android TV) Has had Netflix in 4k with HDR for the last year. (I didn't have a 4k TV that supported HDR till 2 months ago.) My Shield is over 2 years old and has firmware upgrades every 6 months bringing it nice new juicy features :) Plus you can play actual games on it too :)

  4. Itunes will sometimes ask me to sign-in 3 or 4 times in a row particularly when trying to use apple music, almost like it's pulling content from different back-ends but they're not sharing the login session information between them quick enough or properly.


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