Week 3

Well, I was expecting very little to happen, and I was wrong.

The environmental search came back on Monday, amazing. A detailed 31 page report covering everything from where they are planning to build wind farms near Abergavenny, and how close the house it to an active railway line. But all good.

The local search came back on Wednesday, and all looks fine.

I think we just need a draining search now, and that is it.

The sellers have their survey for the house they are buying this week.

What is also interesting is that, discussing with solicitor, it is not out of the question when it comes to selling my house to get some or all of the searches and sell or give to buyer. This may be common in Scotland but not so in England. They are done by a third party company who can provide a copy of the search to the buyer, and some buyers will be happy with that, and they are valid for a mortgage for 6 months from the date they are done. So we are working out what we need to do to make selling as smooth and as quick as possible. But more on that when I finally move out!


  1. A number of years ago it was mooted to have a home buyers information pack where I believe the seller would provide the majority of this information. I believe the coalition scrapped them

  2. That's because the HIP didn't contain everything buyers routinely look up, cost a pile extra for every seller, and all the buyers usually reran the searches for the stuff in the HIP *anyway* because they had to run searches on the same data sources (e.g. the Land Registry) regardless.

    If they'd just fixed the HIP it would have turned from a pointless drag on every seller's wallet into an actual saving for every buyer (and since most sellers are also buyers, most sellers too). But noooo that couldn't possibly happen, it would be too sensible.

  3. We kept HIP (or equivalent) in Scotland, and it’s very unusual to get extra checks as a buyer. You can generally grab it from the listings website with the photos and floor plan.


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