Week 6

I expected nothing to happen this week, but I was wrong.

The original plan had been that we all try to exchange contracts before Christmas. Sadly that is not so.

My solicitors have done an excellent job so far, as always (Kite Griffin). The final searches that we need all came in before Christmas and so everything we needed to do was ready.

Sadly the sellers solicitors closed a few days earlier, still waiting on searches, and have not even answered queries my solicitors asked back in November. They are probably doing their best.

Obviously I expect nothing to happen next week. But it is all good news for things actually making some progress on the 4th Jan. We'll have to see.

Of course it is not all good news! The Welsh government decided to increase the Land Transfer Tax with no notice, meaning I have to find several thousands pounds more, just like that! I would ask how the hell anyone is suppose to plan for things like this, but we live in a world where it is totally normal for major changes to law can come in with literally minutes notice and even long term things like leaving the EU can only really be planned for a week before it happens (assuming the legislation passes on the 30th/31st). So yeh, planning is not a thing we can really do these days is it!

But we had a fun Christmas day :-)

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