Week 4

Bugger all!

Buyers survey on their new place done, but no idea what happened. I suppose no news is good news.

Everyone waiting for searches still.

Arrrrg! Why?!

Really, why is this not all on-line and why is this not all done or held by a trusted third party before putting the house on the market.


  1. Possibly because increasing efficiency would destroy the raison d'etre of a whole industry of parasites, sorry, property lawyers and estate agents. (Who are of no use at all when, say, a charge on the property causes trouble for the seller because someone else not a party to the transaction is failing to do something he's legally mandated to do in anything resembling reasonable time. Six effing months it took that idiot to sign a simple piece of paper.)

  2. Really why don't Estate Agents actually buy the houses they sell a bit like car dealers do. It would be in their interest to have a team of trusted builders/decorators on hand to put into properties where needed in same way they clean/valet and service 2nd hand cars.
    Yes i know there are dodgy car dealers but i'm sure it could be worked out.

    1. There are that do the "We buy any house" deal, but its below what its really worth

  3. When we bought a new build property last year, we part exchanged our old house. A third party acting on behalf of the builders bought our old house and then listed and re-sold it. They actually made a loss, selling for £5000 less than they bought from us for, and that’s before counting all the legal and estate agent fees they would have had to pay.

    1. Overall they will still have made a profit as newbuild house prices are made up of roughly 33% materials+labour, 33% the land purchase and 33% profit.

      It's the same as car dealers. You *think* you got a great trade-in price for your old car. But every £500 increase on the trade-in offer is a £500 increase in the price of your new car.


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