Week 5

Well, we have a drainage search now - all OK. Waiting on a mining search and flood report still.

No news from seller on their searches or survey.

At this point I suspect we will not exchange before Christmas.


But yay, some other news. When we asked for quote we did not mention it was Wales. Solicitors have revised the quote for Welsh Land Transfer Fee which is a LOT more than English Stamp Duty, nearly double. That is a large extra chunk of money to find.



  1. That will probably be because you get stung for the "second home" premium as you haven't sold your old house yet - you'll be able to reclaim a chunk of that (although basic stamp duty is still pricier than in England)

    1. I don't think so. RevK can nominate his PPR as the Welsh property, thus making his Bracknell property his 'second home'. And even after that Welsh Stamp Duty is around 25% to 50% more than English Stamp Duty in the £500k to £1m league which I assume RevK is within.

    2. That is not how the higher rate LTT works - take it from someone who went through precisely the same thing 2 years ago. On the up side, claiming it back once you've sold your previous house is a trivial 30 second web form that is (in our case anyway) processed in a matter of days.

      The gap between English and Welsh stamp duty is bigger than it used to be, but that's largely because English stamp duty looks to have dropped quite a lot since we moved!


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