Abbey encouraging people to pay mortgage late

A relative wanted to get her mortgage changed to interest only for a few months.

It is sensible planning - she does not want to get behind paying and is short of money, it happens. So rather than take the piss and just not pay properly, she is asking in advance.

Interest only is good for the lender. She is not negative equity so they have no risk, but they get to charge more interest because the capital is not being reduced. And it is only for a few months.

But computer says no yet again. Apparently they will do it for people in financial difficulty but that means she has to be paying late or missing payments or bouncing DD's else they do not believe she is in financial difficulty.

So basically, what they seem to be saying, is that she should pay late and miss payments in order to get what she wants, which is interest only for a few months.

And we wonder why some banks had problems?!?!

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