Liquid Calcium

OK, my toothpaste proudly proclaims "with Liquid Calcium®"


(a) How can you trademark something like that. It's a simple name of something that exists already?!?!

(b) How can they just lie like this? Anyone that did any chemistry knows it is clearly a lie. According to wikpedia the melting point of Calcium is 842 °C. If would not put something that hot in my mouth!

When are we going to get someone with the guts to stop adverts telling blatant lies like this?

Its like "unlimited* text" with small print "* 3000 texts per month". So the word "unlimited", meaning "no limit" is used where there is in fact a limit.


  1. My current favorite is the AA

    "4/5 cars fixed by the roadside" with *very* small print saying "(excluding major faults)"

    What a bunch of manipulative turds.

    Theres no difference between that and:

    100% of faults fixed by the roadside (except the ones we can't fix)

  2. Here, Can I sell you some fiberoptic broadband? (And in reality I mean the coaxial virgin media type) ;)

  3. For reasons I don't really understand, the ASA's position is that as long as your limits are unlikely to be hit by something like 90% of your customers, it's perfectly ok to call something "unlimited".

    Which is, of course, bollocks.


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