So the advert says "you can do your tax return at hmrc.gov.uk" and even shows "hmrc.gov.uk" on the screen.

hmrc.gov.uk does not resolve - no A record (or AAAA record).

Seems www.hrmc.gov.uk does have an A record though.

How hard is it to make a web site work without the www on the front? Clueless or what.

(and before anyone says, no, www.me.uk can't work without the www. It's one of the few exceptions).


  1. Totally agree!

    This is also one of my pet peeves, especially when they quote it without the www.

  2. It seems to be pretty widespread in 'offical' circles - our local council (barnet.gov.uk) is similarly broken.

  3. Well, a local council, I would write and complain.

  4. Perhaps - but what are the chances of a letter ever reaching anyone who would even understand the problem, let alone fix it?!

  5. bolton.gov.uk is also broken but writing to them would not make a difference:

    A while ago, firefox was showing their pages as plain html. The reason was that their server was wrongly configured to serve hmtl source as plain text and firefox was simply working on these incorrect headers.

    They couldn't understand what was wrong because 'it works OK in IE', which of course was broken in that it should not have been interpreting the html.

  6. I'm pretty sure this case would work in IE aswell. I believe it 'helpfully' adds the www on for you.

  7. Really it should be the other way round... You should never use 'www' and an SRV record should send the browser to the right place.

    I suggest you talk to Nominet and see if they will install an A or CNAME record for 'me.uk'. :-)

  8. or unhelpfully adds the www. for you when you dont want it to...

  9. I've seen the problem with content-type so many times I've given up complaining. You'll be in a shopping site, hit download and firefox will ask me to save an 'application/asp' file because they've decided to configure their system wrongly.

    Firefox of course is 100% correct here - they're trying to send me an app.. so there's nothing to render. Try telling them that.


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