Almost as bad as "unlimited'... FREE!

OK, saw ad for our favourite telco Total Broadband on TV.
Big feature was "FREE customer service"...

I suspect they mean a freephone number. Then I wonder what people think FREE means in that case.

After all, we don't charge for calls to our customer service - they are normal geographic numbers so we make no charge - can we say that is FREE?

Of course, if someone says FREE customer service, does that include SFI engineer visits I wonder. That would be a good argument if you have broadband with them and they charge you for SFI which is clearly part of the customer service that is meant to be FREE. Hmmm

Devil's advocate mode.


  1. Actually I'd rather a geographic number now than a freephone - I get geographic calls included on my mobile, but have to pay extra (!?) for freephone numbers.

    But that's a whole separate rant :-)

  2. if you're on o2, dropping the preceeding 0 from an 0800 number magically can make it free...

    However, I prefer geographic numbers, and it's nothing to do with the "FREE" factor, more, companies tend not to use them for a call centre in india...

    OF COURSE the customer services is FREE, it's in India and you can't understand a sodding word most of them say!

    I'm looking forward to you new BT Total Broadband line to test the SFI, Adrian :-)



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