Don't upload more than you download!?!?

Seems our favourite telco have a very strange idea about internet usage.

We are getting a lot of faults coming back "Throughput tests show user is maximising upstream throughput which may impact downstream performance" which makes little sense, specially when stated on lines that have almost no upload for weeks in some cases.

The latest is fun...

"Checked on Radius Logs check to check if Upstream throughput greater than Downstream throughput or not
Radius Log Check details:
MBytes In: 555224878
MBytes Out: 534731696
Radius log check shows Upstream throughput greater than Downstream throughput, this means the customer is maximising the upstream throughput."

It finally gives some clue as to WTF they are doing. They seem to look at total upload and total download on the current session (which may have been running for months) and if upload is greater than download (regardless of how low the figures are) they say that the users is maximising the upstream throughput, like that is a bad thing.

What kind of muppet does that sort of test and makes that sort of conclusion?

Oh, and the stats which say this user transferred 555 terebytes each way in 4 days, make no sense. Maybe this is stats of like ever for the broadband line or something. Actually, we checked, in over 2 years of service on both of their lines added together, this customer downloaded 8TB and uploaded 227GB. A far cry from the 555TB they claim.

Ha! latest is: Your customer is uploading more than they are downloading, and this can give the impression of poor downstream performance


  1. oh dear, I'm screwed!


    is it possible that the M is missleading and it's actually in bytes... ( at least the data would probalby be closer to reality at that rate), I'm pretty sure most businesses that host services upload more than they download, that's the point of "hosting", right?

    I'm REALLY hoping you're given them an earful on those stats, I can understand "uploading more than they are downloading, and this can give the impression of poor downstream performance" if at $TIME they are doing so, but as an overall data, they need to be slapped about a bit...

    still, at least now you know why they're resoinding with that comment... morons.

  2. So if I upload 2kbps and download 1kbps on my 8Mb line BT say I'll get reduced performance?

    Explains a thing or two..

  3. Think you've found the person that UPLOADS all of the porn to the internet!

  4. I think it comes from the time when we used to look at the 5 minute input/output rate on the BRAS and checked whether or not the customer was choking the Upstream (basically delaying the ACKs to the downloaded data and causing 'apparent' performance issues)...

    Then the idiots took over and now they check total data throughput via the Radius logs... No matter how many times I tried to explain this, they didn't get it.

    Never argue with idiots, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.


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