Well, we are working of a hybrid of shit and fan today with our favourite telco.
Seems some senior management not aware of congestion fiasco.
And I have copied press, so they will hassle their press office for official response.

We wait and see if they consider a shite service acceptable or not. And if they do, a lot of ISPs will be finding a new faviourite telco, not just us. We have had a good service for 9 years and now we have congestion, latency, loss, and reduced throughput.

Well, lets see what happens.

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  1. At my place of work, an ISP that also uses said favourite telco, we have also come to the conclusion that the vast majority of their so-called technical staff have absoloutely no clue what they're doing and are just taking random stabs in the dark to fix things - assuming that a real live person even looks at the fault (we have proof that the vast majority of reported faults are being initially "auto-cleared" by some sort of software and then sent to a random useless technician after clear-reject.. it's only after the third of fourth clear-reject that it actually gets sent to an engineer capable of resolving a fault). Said telco is simply not interested in providing service to third-parties, and want to make it as difficult as possible without actually being in breach of Ofcom.


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