SFI: Meet in the middle

Whats the issue with SFI charges?

As discussed with our favourite telco today the issue is when we say we are not at fault (and neither is our customer) but they say they are not at fault (using their limited diagnostic tests) and we reach an impasse?

So - we, and our customer, are prepared to go to the master socket where the service is delivered by sending a replacement router and testing with that. Even replacement splitter and cables. We are prepared to do that with no risk to them.

But our favourite telco are not prepared to go to the master socket without making a risk to us, currently of £144+VAT.

That is where it is wrong!

After all, we do offer them our standard fault investigation service to resolve the empass, at a mere £144+VAT, where we send pre-configured router and splitter and so on and do on-line ATM tests and all sorts. But for some reason they never want to buy that service from us?

They are being stubborn and refusing to resolve the empass and meet us at the master socket.

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  1. I've said it before: FavTelco is simply not interested in providing wholesale access to their broadband network and are trying to make it as difficult as possible for any other ISP to use.


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