Episode where bad guys break in to an ISP/data centre...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
  • They want to break in to a data centre but there is iris scanning door security, so they blow the local substation?!?!
  • Security staff have no access to data floor, WTF
  • Door locks have no battery backup, WTF!
  • Data centre has no UPS backup, WTF!
  • Data centre has no generator backup, WTF!
  • Substation takes out whole tri-state area by cascade failure, WTF!
  • They wonder what has been stolen "Millions in company secrets". So they do an inventory to find whats missing, forgetting that data can be copied, WTF!
  • They use an old mechanical stencil/ink-transfer type copy machine to copy a normal hand written sheet of paper. I am pretty sure they work using special paper to make the original.
  • Part of the plot was that all iris scanners have a back door, but it was someones eye? If you did that it would be something you could print on a card not tied to a specific living person!
I'll watch what else they get wrong.

FFS, story is that the power was off so they could replace a server with another server to bug the internet. Arrrrrrrrrg!


  1. Yes, we know, I was boiling for a first few minutes, then just laughting at all 'imperfections', it's just a show and a better one on the roster...

  2. I bet bomb disposal experts cringe/laugh every time a TV programme or film shows a bomb with the classic accessory: a red 7-segment count-down display, because of course IRL *every* bomb has one! :)

  3. Better or worse than Numb3rs' description of IRC? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2rGTXHvPCQ


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