Delete the photo?

Thankfully, in spite of having a nice camera, and taking pictures of random stuff, and doing so in London, I have never been stopped. Yet...

But my camera has wifi, and thanks to a new mifi it seems I can have the camera upload the pictures as I take them. Obviously set to "small" mode. 21Mpix of raw would be both slow and expensive :-)

Now all I need is some arsehole to try and s.44 stop me and ask me to delete a picture!


  1. If you do get stopped it'll now be under s43 as s44 has been suspended http://photographernotaterrorist.org/2010/07/section-44-suspended/

  2. I had not spotted the demise of s.44. That is really good news... So just need some arse to s.43 stop me now :-)

  3. According to The Register (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/07/27/met_police_stephenson/) you might well still be stopped as if s.44 was in force...

  4. Nasty, but the idea that the pictures will already be on a server somewhere by the time they stop me is quite fun and could make for an amusing conversation.

  5. A WiFi link to a SSD drive in a colleague's bag would be good. Hi-res saved straight away. If you get stopped, your colleague simply walks away.

    Actually the fact that you were buying an eye-fi card suggests you've already thought of this.


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