It seems leaving an iPad on the car roof and driving off, throwing it on block paving - no problem. (James)

It seems that having the bike fall over throwing the iPad out of the basket on to block paving - no problem. (Me).

However, it seems that Jacqueline sitting on her iPad - not good. Poor thing never stood a chance. Jacqueline did fess up - saying "iSat".

What is amazing is that it still works even though it has a crack right across the front.


  1. Whilst I don't want or foresee needing one, I was impressed by this (not the commentary), the iPad keeps going for way longer than I expected. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1jS59uJ3PA

  2. Lucky then that it's now legal to break your iPad.... Oh, jailbreak... never mind



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