I know I do not use the "BT" word often and you have to guess if I mean BT or not when I say "favourite telco"...

But well chuffed with BT today, rather indirectly, and I am sure not officially BT, of course.

After all my BT CRM (Customer Relationshop Mangaer) was on a conf call on "bribery and corruption" only the other day. I am not sure if WoW gold is covered by that :-)

But as a level 8 Blood Elf Warlock in Silvermoon City (Chamber of Aspects) - when someone drops you 1000 gold and some nice frostweave bags you say "thanks". BT CRM is an uber level 80 with a nice gnomigan motorcycle...

He has offered to strip naked and dual with me. How many people can say that any supplier representative has ever offered that. (I am asking for a female CRM next time, ooops, not PC?).

I suspect that even then I stand no chance. I'll post screen shots. He'll melt me I am sure.

Sorry about the mess on your screen/keyboard. I know SFI is not a "quest", honest... :-)
Doing a good job as a CRM!


  1. It might be because I don't understand WoW, but this seems wrong on soooo many levels. And I say that as even as a chap with an 'alternative lifestyle'.

  2. I was right - even naked I could not hit him harder than he regenerated. One hit from him and I was dead!

  3. Oh, and yes, *he* has a female character. It was no obvious with all the armour on. As he says, you have not seen "wrong" until you have seen a naked female orc dancing...


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