How to make progress?

I know we are known for "battling" with our favourite telco. Indeed, that reputation seems to be getting us more and more business.

But it should not be a battle. No company wants to "battle" it's suppliers or customers. At best it is hard work, and at worst it is a broken business model.

Once again we hold out the offer of yet more free consultancy to try and help them. We know other ISPs struggle as we do, but have better sarcasm filters on their public statements (and emails to favourite telco directors, I bet).

Lets talk - lets try and fix these huge issues in something so simple as making sure broadband lines actually works properly...


  1. Not being on the coalface with "Our favorite telco" as you are - I'm merely a customer and someone who has to deal with them on a professional basis (well it's professional on my side at least) - your insights exactly match my experience and it's the reason that I panic every time I see one of their vans within a mile of home... in the last 6 weeks they've made a "transparent upgrade" twice on the 20CN aggregation point I pass through and have arsed it up - time to upgrade 10 minutes, time to back it out - 6 working hours.


  2. 21CN is good technology, but any good tech is rubbish with poor support.


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