Premier Inn useless web site

So, I get to the credit card bit, fill in my details, and get
"There is invalid data in one of the fields. Please check and fill all required fields."

WTF? Which field? If they know a field is not valid FFS why not say which field and in what way invalid. Arrrrg.

(needless to say there is nothing invalid in anything I input, having completed all of the fields and tried several cards)


  1. It is amazing how many websites tell me my whatever@domain.INFO is invalid :(

  2. if your card is a visa debit, try selecting the visa credit card type option

  3. I have a nice SHORT email address - two letters @ a four-letter-domain-name dot com - the number of sites that claim that is invalid is really annoying - so I have a fullname alias for those but most of the time the site errors don't point to this but I have got used to it and it's the first thing I re-try

  4. My daughter worked it out - in additional to selecting Visa Debit you had to click on one of the visa debit card symbols they showed as well. No clue that it was necessary.

  5. Try having one letter @ one letter dot two letters. So many sites think that is invalid it is really annoying.

  6. People never believe me when I give them E-Mail addresses which are theirname@myname.net either...

  7. There are several websites which seem to think that a plus character (+) is invalid in an email address when it is listed in the RFC

  8. mm oneletter@oneletter dot twoletters - nice! but yes, any webcode monkey who puts a minimum length on an email field should have their ass kicked... altho I think that the shortest possible is probably yours of 6 characters - since there's no 1 character TLDs....

    the "invalid" + character issue is a pain - can't use gmail's filters then :( - and have hit a fair few sites that have this problem.

    since I have my own mailserver I tend to create an alias for sites - also a monthly junk account - eg july2010@mydomainname.co.uk - which gets used for any randoms asking for my email address... and which gets deleted in september :)


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