Lets blame the customer

So, our favourite telco operate a downstream traffic shaper at the BRAS (for reasons that are not clear). They generally track the line sync rate, but in discrete steps.

On FTTC the line will normally between 15Mb/s and 40Mb/s sync.

Our favourite telco have started to clamp lines at 1.75Mb/s. We have 15 so far, but they seem to being changed one by one. Other ISPs have the same issue.

OK, that is bad enough - but what really pisses me off is the systematic lies that we get. It is sadly typical of them. I have reported 15 faults and every one of them is coming back "Customer Equipment, error or misoperation".

It's their router and their BRAS - so that response can never be right for the fault report. But sending back faults over and over again asking what they are playing at and explaining the customer does not own the BRAS just gets the same response. I have manually rejected some more than 10 times now.

So the policy seems to be "Lets pretend the fault is customer equipment and totally ignore everything the ISP says?".



  1. Emailed a director...
    "If I need an automated system that lies to me I bet there is an app for
    that on my iPad. If I need a system to fix faulty services we buy from
    favoritetelco I had hoped the favoritetelco fault desk fitted the bill. Am I wrong?"

  2. They have blamed the customer equipment on this one over 100 times now.

  3. This sort of thing is why I'm unlikely to go to FTTC when it becomes available in my area - all the potential BT-side problems of ADSL, a loss of control due to the requirement to use BT's kit, and not enough advantages to make it worthwhile. FTTP, I'd consider - harder for BT to foul it up.

  4. They are now blaming internet congestion. We are asking customers to send a Data Protection Act request to have incorrect accusations that the cause of the fault was their equipment corrected.

  5. Just out of interest, what happens when (sorry, if) BT don't acknowledge the DPA request? Are they obliged to formally reply? If they aren't, how does one know they've actually done this?

    OK. I appreciate that the idea is not to have the comments removed per se, but to try and stir things up within BT.

    Still, I have no doubt they'll be ignored or maybe if you're lucky, processed and the reasons ignored.

  6. Ok, several faults closed blaming customer equipment, and on one they tried to sell us their investigation service too.


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