Odeon making you pay for 3D glasses

Why is it not part of the cost of the film.

Also, all though times I have been there and been given 3D glasses, and asked if I would recycle them at the end. Well, I would not have handed them back if I knew I was going to have to pay one day. We'd have hundreds here if they had been up-front about this. Maybe should ask them to give me back all the ones I was misled in to putting in their recycling box.


(I wonder if you can get prescription 3D glasses now?)


  1. :( lucky we kept 2 of ours!

    Other multiplex brands charged, odeon was unusual in being free from what friends have told me.

  2. I think its theoretically a recycling thing. The idea is you go and see LOTS of 3D Movies and take along the glasses you paid for ONCE and kept. If they keep the price seperate you CAN save money and dont have to say "but I have already got my own glasses!"

  3. We paid £0.50 per pair at the local arts centre (the first and only place near here to get 3D) and they encouraged us to keep them to use next time. Seems the small ones are more reasonable...

  4. I was quite surprised how many trailers and adverts are in 3D, and not just the adds for 3D TVs.

  5. Its basically a wierd licensing model. Usally the *disributor* not the exhibitor (cinema) is paying a licence fee to (say) Real3D for the technology and as part of that may be bound into a deal on glasses which may be sale-or-return or may bought up front. Or may be based on a credit for the number of recyleable pairs returned. So in essence it normally depends on the film, not the cinema. Although cinema chains may come to arrangment with each distibutor in order to try and apply the same poilicy.


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