How not to make a fault management system

Well, it is getting worse. We're trying to give them a chance to change/fix things. We keep pointing out the issues but the system gets worse not better. Another call today to discuss, and maybe we can make some progress.

This is an example of the sort of thing we have to put up with...
What we sent to them:-
Has Andrews & Arnold Ltd or the end user authorised any chargeable work?
Is this a favorite-telco core network fault?
Is there any point changing line settings, flexing the circuit, sending an engineer to site or doing a TPM?
No, this is a core network fault
How many lines are faulty with exactly the same symptoms?
Fault description
No Connection to RAS, favorite-telco core network fault
What they send back, after an an hour and a half :-
Please book an appointment with your End User.

And that is it!

Well, they did not send the fault back they just updated the notes with that so it is not in a state that allows us to book an appointment if we wanted to. But that is the end of it. The only option now is to book an engineer visit at possible a cost of £141+VAT. In practice, if we did that, the engineer would not be able to visit until next day. The core fault would be fixed by then, so when the engineer visits all is working so that will be £141+VAT. Or we could cancel the engineer, for a cost of £141+VAT.

No option to get the core network issue looked at instead. No option to even reply saying that this is a core issue.

Even closing the fault can take days, so closing and re-opening is not an option.

What a system!


  1. Unfortunately it sounds like their fault system suffers from the same problem that a number of consumer ISPs own fault systems do - the assumption that all their customers are simpletons who couldn't possibly have done any basic fault diagnosis before calling.

    Are there increasing core network issues these days, or are they just getting worse at spotting and fixing them?

  2. Looks like their fault system will make them £141 either way per fault, where as we fix our mistakes for free, I see where our business is going wrong.

  3. Or you could ring the SFI team and spend 2 hrs in a completely pointless telephone conversation which you know isn't going to fix the fault or in fact do anything. Then escalate the issues to a designated "special envoy" who is always in a meeting and will get back to you saying he will chase it and then ...... nothing :) But Hey Ho at lease they all get a 3% pay rise .. Maybe they can employ some staff who can actually fix things !!! 21CN LOL more like 2.1CN


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