Company bike

Well, we may not do company cars, but we do company bikes, and I have a nice new one now...

I have actually gone for the classic with 3 speed as I only use 2 gears anyway, and the 5 speed caused too many problems.

But I have gone for the non standard hub dynamo/brake set on the front as the rim dynamo was a pain.

So, well chuffed.


  1. Looks like my old Dutch bike, although the brakes on that are only back-peddle :/

  2. It needs a logo somewhere

  3. My Attorney got a five speed and it broke going up a slight incline. He then waited for months and months for the supplier to get spares as the hub was so new that spares weren't on the market!

  4. he, I thought you would go for this...


  5. See you still have your ET basket, glad your happy with your bike xx

  6. Looking at the "Beast": when did it become a Good Thing to have no mudguards? If you're riding it in Southern California it's probably not an issue, but in the rest of the World is having a muddy stripe up your front and down your back now considered a good look?
    RevK: looking at your bike brings to mind Joyce Grenfell riding to work at St.Trinians! :-)

  7. "Company bike" means something else where I'm from.

  8. So, for the 'hard of bikes', why do you like this bike so much? Sim.

  9. Err, it is comfortable, easy to ride, has mud guards that work so I don't get muddy, has a chain guard that works so I don't get greasy, has a stand so easy to park, has a lock, it has a light so I can see where I am going and it never needs batteries, it has a basket so I can carry shopping.

    What else?

  10. Quote RevK, "What else?".

    A motor on it, so you don't have to peddle.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

  11. That would defeat the main purpose of using a bike which is for me to get some exercise!


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