Marmite XO

Unlike my neighbours in unit 4 the yanks seemed to not understand "toast" or critically "marmite" at all... (or how to spell neighbours).

Well, back home, have proper toast. In the hotel it was inch thick bread that was reall heavy "sour do" or is that "sour dough" made a tad crisp each side on a hot plate. FFS

And as for marmite!!! Even Singapore could handle that, but not the yanks...

Anyway, back home, and my lovely wife had got me some marmite-XO. That would blow their minds.

I'll report on what it is like later...

P.S. LOL BBF date Jan 2012. How does it have a BBF date at all.. it would be XXXXO that is all!


  1. To be honest, not been blown away by XO - seems to be a slightly stronger standard Marmite.

    Much bigger fan of the other specials they've done - the champagne one and the Marstons one...

  2. I hope that eating marmite XO on toast is not what caused me to be quite ill over night and take this morning off work... TBH I suspect it was the pub lunch I had earlier :-)

  3. Hi Adrian

    Glad your back on your marmite lol. Thanks again for a fantastic time in Vegas.

    Hope to see you really soon xxxxxx

  4. Too much Pub and not enough lunch?


  5. I suspect the pub lunch (and was one drink) as the marmite seems fin now, with cheese, on toast... :-)


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