DEA under attack!

Looks like the Digital Economy Act is under attack!
Well done BT and Talk Talk and good luck.


  1. BT are probably awaiting the fallout from the Phorm debacle... hoping that this sort of thing can deflect some of that fallout when it inevitably comes after the UK government is found guilty in the Eurocourts and then goes after cuddly ol' BT for putting them in that position in the first place.

  2. I doubt it - it seems to me more likely that they're just acting in their commercial interest as they know that if things continue as expected at the moment, it will give them fairly substantial ongoing costs dealing with complaints.

    As such, by spending some money now trying to get a judicial review etc (and it won't be a huge amount as I suspect a lot of this will have been put together by an in-house legal team), they are aiming to save themselves money later - the good PR is just a bonus...


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