I can guarantee not to find this in Vegas...

Thick cut tiger loaf, toasted
Real butter (not some strange stuff like whipped cream)
Marmite XO (ooooh, yes!)
Smoked Applewood Cheddar
Jamaican Jerk seasoning



  1. Tiger Bread for the win, lovely stuff. I tend to have it as a dipper into a baked whole camembert...

    Not so keen on Marmite though!

  2. I can add to the list of things you can't find in the USA:
    Decent Wholemeal bread
    Taramasalata (they have lots of types of Houmous, though)
    Smoked Haddock
    Clotted Cream
    Cakes with real cream in (rather than the foamy, sugary stuff)
    SPECS cameras, or any form of ANPR (I didn't say it was all in our favour! :-)

    Of course they do have some things we don't:
    Fruit pies with No Added Sugar
    Delicatessen counters which pack sliced meat and cheese in resealable plastic bags, rather then the ones you have to destroy to open
    Fry's (even they are only in the West)
    High Occupancy Vehicle ("Diamond") lanes. That's what we should have instead of moronic Bus lanes such as the one on the M4. Basically if there is more than one human in the car you can use the Diamond lane, if you're alone you can't. With huge fines ($321 in California, last time I was there) for doing anything illegal in relation to them, including crossing the "barrier" lines when not at an entry/exit point.


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