Well work is well under way - my son has been working for us for a while but is now under intensive personal training in s/w development and C coding specifically... We are paying for one-on-one training 3 days a week for him now...

So real soon now he'll be doing some C coding for the company... Be afraid! Be very afraid... :-)

And no, it won't all be javascript and JQuery, honest... Yes, he is to blame for new number management pages and current ordering system, but he is learning... He is getting better... We can build him - we can make him better, stronger, and more gcc friendly... He already reads xkcd and dilbert... Nearly there...

Already he edits his HTML using vim - I mean... what more could a father ask for?

P.S. He met his first computer at the age of about 30 seconds. The nurse could not work out what was the TAB key, so James-in-arms, I was explaining...


  1. The underside of his car already represents a shuttlecraft and he has Wesley Crusher's build so.........

    I want to see personalised NCC number plates from here on out..

  2. he should be using sed and awk, not vim

    Now please print him a "jQuery is Evil" t-shirt, and make him wear it until he gets the message !

  3. Oh no! there is no hope - he had to ask what "TNG" meant!

  4. Now it would have been really impressive if *he'd* told the nurse about the Tab key...


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