Interflora are incompetant!

20th wedding anniversary - ordered flowers. Paid extra for morning delivery...

No show!

Now my wife thinks I forgot or something.

I think "time is of the fucking essence" is there by default on things like that.

Not amused.


  1. Gave up using Interflora a long time ago for pretty much the same reasons.

    Now I Google for a local florist and call them direct. They're generally cheaper and more reliable than Interflora as well as being more flexible (i.e. the bouquet doesn't have to be made up exactly as Interflora proscribe). More importantly, because you're speaking to the people who will actually do the delivery, things get delivered when you want them to be.

  2. Happy anniversary, by the way!

  3. Hmm. That should, of course, have been 'prescribe'. Doh!

  4. Oh, now they say they tried to deliver and left a card. Yet my wife was in all morning and no card is there. I think I have to check my security camera now...

  5. Could be worse - this happened to a friend of mine: http://www.socksandpuppets.com/ikealetter.html

  6. Now I find the security camera is being thick.

    It emailed me at 3am today to say it had a slight delay saving an image, and then emailed to say image saved, all is well.

    Turns out the damn thing has not saved an image since Aug 2009. What kind of stupid software is this FFS.

    It has internal storage so maybe it will have yesterday stored still, if I can get it to play.


  7. They are insisting they tried to deliver and left a card. No card, and someone was in. Sadly I cannot actually prove anything, even with video footage. Its my video so could be faked, and anyway only records on motion, so a gap is no proof.

    One thing is they say they won't leave on a doorstep (as per my request when ordering). Obviously they should not have accepted the order with such a request if that is the case, and having accepted it they are now in breach of contract.

    But if I was a florist or anyone else in such cases, especially with something unlikely to be stolen like that (i.e. not delivering a mobile phone or something), why not follow such request but take a picture on a camera phone and leave a card as well. Then you have evidence that you did leave on door step. How hard can it be for people to think?


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