LHR arrivals borked

So wife coming from Cologne...

Their departures web site says not left. Now 18:51...

LHR web site still listing arrival scheduled 18:40 !!!!!

WTF. How thick is that?

Come on guys, join the dots... It is after the expected arrival time *now*, so asserting on schedule for a time in the past is pretty brain dead.

At 19:13 LHR still list as expected 18:40. Who wrote that FFS?


  1. Could be better.. the entire departures board was borked (showing nothing) in PHX when we landed last week :P

  2. Yeh, someone else suggested I should threaten to blow the place sky high if they don't fix their arrivals board!

  3. And is that person now under arrest for inciting terrorism? :-(


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