Where did the internet all go so quickly?

A further 4 /8's have been allocated in November it seems, so we are down to only 7 /8's left. I understand that when we get to 5 the RIRs get one last /8 each.

This could mean we are literally weeks from an empty IANA pool of IPv4s.

Whats the betting IPv4 will run out before Christmas!


  1. Personally, I blame all the people who think NAT is a bad thing. ;-)

  2. "Whats the betting IPv4 will run out before Christmas!"

    Run out as in all /8 allocated?
    Run out as in ISPs don't have any IPs to assign?
    Run out as in ... ?


  3. The log of #A&A will show that I predicted 'by Christmas' last night... Obviously, that's run out at IANA, not the RIRs

  4. I am talking of IANA of course.
    But that is when people start changing policies and when the news starts...

  5. That the news that makes it sound like the end of the world and advises people that they won't be able to put anymore devices on the internet, I mean, they are clueless, afterall

  6. I'd rather the press made it sound like the end of the world - forcing the router manufacturers to finally start taking ipv6 seriously, than the current situation TBH.

    It's insane that, potentially less than a month from the IANA exhaustion, I can't walk into PC World and buy an ipv6 capable DSL router.


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