NAT Hit Squad

My son suggested that someone should start a fund that can pay for the hit squad to take out anyone that ever suggests NAT for IPv6 :-)


  1. I would say "count me in for a fiver" but the ever decreasing lack of humour on the Internet means that he will probably be jailed this afternoon...

    Of course he meant "hit with custard pies?"

  2. Custard pies with large "Your Doing It Wrong!" logos on the front :-)

  3. And bricks inside..

    Oops, is that the police at the door?

  4. admcd posted http://www.ipv6ready.org/

  5. omg - you would think that an organisation pushing a logo for IPv6 would do a better job on their graphics. Somebody pass me the eye bleach, that banner at the top of the page is atrocious.

  6. @Alan - it's largely a Far Eastern endeavour - ideas about attractive graphical style differ by culture...

  7. I'm sorry but that IPv6 Ready logo is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen

  8. @Will - not really even talking about the design, but the /dithering/ ... in .. a /jpeg/ ... And the fact that they didn't use a nice shiny png file, and maybe sliced it up a little. sob ;)

  9. not sure if its off topic but here we go:

    With regard to Translation (NAT-PT and SIIT et al)
    The translation mechanisms in principle dedicated proxy servers translating individual requests for each connection are unlikely to have a greater impact in the future (if at all) due to their high complexity.

    just my half a penny worth

  10. Oh dear, i wouldn't have even started by complaining about the logo (although it is pretty shoddy), my main complaint is the annoying constantly spinning huge but massively scaled down globe gif image below the menu that seems to be there for absolutely no purpose...

    And yeah, naturally i meant with custard pies, ones with EMP's in to brake any technology they may ever attempt to run natted IP6 with...


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