Twits, again

OK, I wonder.

The logic is that someone (an "older couple") could happen on twitter the day before they fly, see the suggestion that someone will blow up an airport.

Apparently this theoretical case is enough to get someone convicted and lose an appeal. It is a criminal offence.

So I think I need to make a script to grab the re-tweets of this. After all they meet the criterial for criminal charge, clearly.

Then, putting details of each, I make a letter on a sheet of A4 to local police.

And put 1,000 of them, or maybe 10,000 of them, on the door step. All asking for a reply confirming action will be taken or an explanation of why not action will be taken.

If the original tweet is a criminal offence so I am only doing the right thing by telling local plod of other cases, after all. Being a responsible citizen and all that.

And as it is like a couple of reams of paper and ink, why the fuck not?


Actually - are the rules not that if you see a crime happening right now, i.e. in progress, you should call 999? So everyone go to go to twitter and search for the bomb threat (i think #iamsparticus) and if you see one call 999 - "crime happening now - someone is sending a menacing message via communications system".


  1. Absolutely, every single one of those retweets is a criminal offense and *must* be prosecuted to the same degree. I think the idea of explicitly notifying the police is a great one.

    If a thief stole from his neighbour and 10,000 people copied him, they'd be no less guilty.

    Yes, I was one of those who retweeted.

    The whole thing is a farce.

  2. Extremely well said as usual RevK.

  3. this pathetic tweeting conviction farce is beyond comprehension

    that is till you understand what may be going on

    tptb (the powers that be) were imho merely testing the limits of the law

    they got away with such a ludicrous conviction
    now they can use the law practically any how they like

    like using terror provisions to use cctv surveillance on families to see if they put their bins our at the right time or live in the catchment area of a particular schoo! <- REAL!!!

    if only I tweeted (noooo dont do that you fools youre being watched profiled and catalogued hehe !) then I'd retweet it a 1,000,000 time


  4. There is now a Twitter 'Joke Disclaimer' -

    Something that everyone now needs!


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