Back to work

Actually managed a whole day off - that is quite rare - and I am pleased that the office and customers did not pester me all day - thanks. I watched all there Sky Terry Pratchet films and eat paracetamol.

So far today, feeling quite a bit better, so designing the call billing system for the new VoIP server, and trying to find excuses to put of OSPF a bit longer.

Also chasing a fault which has so far taken our friends 30 days to get fixed, and it seems it was just a faulty DSLAM port all along. They did not even need access to end user premises and could have found the fault using an automated TAM test in the first place. They could have fixed it within a day by a "lift and shift". How can any telco take 30 days to fix a simple fault. I should bill them for the dozens of hours me and my staff have spent on this, but I don't think the contract allows for that. It should not need to get the Director's Service Office involved in a simple port fault. Shame. I do feel rather sorry for our customer on this one. That said, I think they may consider the "two lines is better than one" logic we normally try and promote for any system critical applications...

Update: Guess what, when they say "I will have it back on tomorrow morning" is the line back yet? Its 12:00. No it is not. At least they are consistent in that they they have broken yet another promise. Arrrrrrrrrg!

Anyway, catching up to be done...

Happy Birthday Pauline :-)

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