Slow week

Once again OSPF has hit back burner. A small issue with L2TP RADIUS accounting is high on the list, and so is VoIP.

I have been making more and more progress on VoIP despite being anything but apathetic this week (i.e. been ill).

We now have media detection done. Basically, no media for a few seconds clears the call unless it is properly on hold, in which case a re-invite every 60 seconds checks it is still a valid call. Very nice. I need to do early media pass through as well, but that should be easy now.

I have still to do call recording, and all the RADIUS stuff and scaling up to the larger model. Will take a while. Separating the RADIUS client stuff from L2TP is hard work - needs to be a lot more generic than I originally coded it.

The office is using what we have now in anger, and all is going very well. The hunt group logic is working a treat and the call pick-up / steal stuff is great.

I have an IP training course tomorrow and other meetings on Friday, and what with still feeling like shit I suspect I will not make a lot of progress this week. Two day course next week. UKNOF the week after. This will be several slow weeks I expect.

That said, it is much better to be working on the office phone system at 5am (as I have this week) than when people are trying to use it :-)

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