New FireBrick release

As I said, it has been a slow week, largely down to my not being well. I think I am finally getting over it, but can't be 100% sure. Last week I was fine some of the time, and then would suddenly get a temperature and feel ill...

Anyway, I did manage a few things this week. A couple of minor RADIUS niggles have meant that I have done a FireBrick release this weekend. The new SIP PABX is in the release for the first time with several minor improvements since the beta release I did. It is still experimental, but do let me have any feedback. OSPF is not in there, sorry.

We have a new model, FB6502, which will be the heavy duty SIP gateway product for telco usage. At present it is just starting out with the basic SIP PABX stuff like the 2500/2700 but handing more calls.

In A&A, I have started a rolling LNS switch over to the new code, and that looks fine. I have also updated some of the core routers to the new code, and that looks fine. We do upgrades in stages for obvious reasons, so over the next week or so they will all be upgraded.

I renumbered all the IPv6 in the office - that was not quite seamless, but not far off. Right now I am trying to find a way to configure a linux box (fedora) to have a pre-defined EIU64 and use the router announcements for the prefix. i.e. allow us to "hard code" IPv6 addresses within a LAN but in a way that allows renumbering of the prefix if we need. The DNS then becomes a simple search/replace, but it means the addresses are more "meaningful" which is useful for diagnostic purposes. I am not sure if that is possible. Maybe I need to make a patch :-)

We plan to do renumbering on the Maidenhead LAN, so many machines will get new IPv6 addresses.

I looked at our blip graph for LNS connect/disconnects this morning and it was so low level that it had scaled the graph so the times day were partly obscured by the graph. i.e. it is too quiet... [it is bad luck to be superstitious you know]

So, next week. Two days tied up on a FireBrick training course (still some places for anyone that wants). Meetings on other days. Not sure I'll get a lot of coding done.

So, I am thinking I may take today off. Watch the F1. Play some WoW. See how it goes.

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