Seeing reason

Just to clarify, when I say BE, I mean the company we buy the BE circuits through, not BE or O2. I don't want any confusion here or defamation claims :-)

However, the supplier has seen reason in this case, thank you.

Now we want to make sure that the processes and contract terms are more clearly agreed to avoid any issues in the future - so we aim to work with them on that.

I don't like being confrontational, but I do have some principles. Unfortunately principles clash with doing business on occasion, and that can cause issues.

So do not worry - we are still doing BE lines, and we are working with the suppliers to ensure we are working to the same principles.

Thanks again.

P.S. thanks for all the comments on this issue.


Some comments I have had on this are, quite rightly, accusing me of throwing my toys out of the pram. I understand that, and yes, it was a bit like that, sorry. This was the culmination of weeks are arguing over this. In practice it would take a lot to stop us selling BE lines, and the contingency for this is something I have considered. The most likely being that we work with another ISP who does the BE lines to provide even more redundancy where people need it. I am always keen to ensure that a dispute like this would not cause our customer's any major problem.


  1. Lol, I thought yesterday that you get a bit het up over things sometimes on this blog.

    Then I realised that this blog is probably called "RevK's Rants" for a very good reason!

    If it helps you get it off your chest, then enjoy your ranting! :)


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