Odd day

OK, after an odd weekend, an oddly good day.

Firstly I would like to thank the people that have called and emailed - close family are complicated at the best of times, and things are more so when one of them dies. Looks like it is all in hand, though a coroner is needed as it was rather sudden. Lots of mixed feelings by many people and the occasional cross word here and there. Funeral all arranged.

And Pauline, no, I am not adopting an orphan!

But good news on bug hunting - found two buggers today.

One was to do with RADIUS accounting and clock setting on the LNSs, and was, as ever, a really annoying one-liner which I introduced recently. It was a fix to another bug I had introduced a few days before. So we're rolling out s/w upgrades to LNSs over the next few days.

The other was VoIP related (phone system in office). I had looked for ages, but the extra debug finally helped. Well, I assume it is fixed, it fits the bill. It involved a call to a hunt group ringing multiple phones and one of the phones answered (not the first one in the ring list) and then later transferred to another group, and I think even that had to be transferred on as well, and then the call had to last while another call came in to the middle hunt group. Some times I hate linked lists, and have added one line of code that was missing. Arrrrg.

On top of that we had a good discussion with the other favorite telco over the BE lines, and are in agreement that we want to work together to make sure faults get fixed properly. All is good.

Now for staff reviews, and UKNOF, and Reading beer festival - long week ahead.

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  1. Loved your blog, but I am an Orphan and in need of taking care of, looking forward to seeing you at the weekend for a few drinks. I think you should put a witch on your new I pad as a mark of respect to your late Mother-In- Law lol xxxxx


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