Do I fall out with BE?

Well, a tricky one.

They want me to pay for an engineer that went out to fix a line when the cause of the problem was a third party.

I refuse to...

It would be a shame to fall out with them - we would need to sort hundreds of lines that are with them.

Maybe we need to talk to some other LLU providers - perhaps Virgin or TalkTalk.

Lets hope they see sense.

P.S. Of course the answer may be we pay but never sell another line with them ever... That is their choice.

P.P.S. This is a case where the fault was not caused by customer equipment. A case where even BT would not charge us. An interference issue from a third party.


  1. Didn't know virgin did LLU?

    Or do they own part of C&W thesedays, it's so hard to keep up

  2. Virgin do wholesale.. would be interesting to get an AA/Virgin line (since I have cable here) but it's not an exact replacement for Be since the overlap between cable areas and LLU areas isn't 100%.

  3. If you could identify a like for like service for the same price then I wouldn't cry about it. No harm in looking anyway.

  4. We have had excellent experience with TalkTalk (we only use them at the moment for EFM/Fibre Ethernet). The best thing is their footprint - they have a HUGE amount of enabled exchanges.

  5. At the moment it is not looking good - they seem determined to charge us for a fault caused by a third party.

  6. I'd be interested if you did a AA/Virgin Cable Line, BE isn't available on my local exchange and never will be according to BE. Where as Virgin runs right past my front door and so would give me a backup to my current AA/BT ADSL lines.

  7. Just grit your teeth, pay up and move on! No point in falling out over what is otherwise a good quality service. Just my 2 cents.

  8. Breathe deeply, grit teeth, have a glass of cider...and let it go, revk!

  9. Now, AA/Virgin could be a seriously tempting offering for those of us in areas which are served by Virgin fibre but where BT don't even seem interested in 21CN, let alone FTT(C|P)...

  10. If you did do virgin wholesale through their fibre network you'd have three extra lines through me like a shot

    In cable'd but not FTTC'd areas...

  11. Another vote for Virgin wholesale access.

    I have previously requested access to TalkTalk LLU (as most of the exchanges' round my way are only BT Wholesale/TalkTalk LLU) and BT Wholesale haven't WBC'd the exchanges yet.

    Although I think the general consensus was that you wouldn't get the level of support from them required to provide a service to your own high standards (no sarcasm intended).

  12. Yet another vote for Virgin wholesale access.

    We're in the enviable position of being around 150m from the local exchange. We're so close in fact there are no street cabinets involved which means we can get 21CN at nearly 24/1 but we can't get FTT(C|P) at all :-(

    Luckily we have Virgin cabling running right up the street and we're constantly being fed promotional material through the door to entice us to get one of their packages. However, talk with them about business use, static IPs, rDNS and such like and they haven't got a clue! Don't even mention IPv6.

    I have to agree though that you're unlikely to receive the same level of engineering support you're receiving from Be and BT but then ... if Be can't decide who's at fault for a callout perhaps there's still hope for Virgin. Maybe you'll end up asking David Tennant to use his sonic screwdriver to fix things?


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