What next

Well, I have two big jobs to do on the FireBrick.

1. OSPF as a terminal node injecting routes for L2TP and the like.

2. More work on VoIP such as RADIUS accounting and making a big core network telephony switch.

The next step on VoIP is relatively small - RADIUS accounting for the calls and a linux/C app to collect the stats and put in to a mysql database. So tempting.

The VoIP then moves on to be more scalable and having RADIUS authentication and call routing - well loosely based on RADIUS, and the linux/C apps to do that.

I also have all the NAT testing to do. (don't forget kids, NAT is evil, so don't try this at home).

But I promised some people OSPF, so I have to be strong and try that first. Hmmm.

Where is an ADR case to distract you when you need it?


  1. That last line could almost be read as a challenge - what is *the* most absurd reason for taking you to ADR that we could possibly get the ADR service to take at face value?

    Bonus points if the resulting ADR judgement includes statements that make it clear that they don't think the physical laws of the universe apply (e.g. criticising you because RTT to Sydney on your ADSL service is over 10ms, when speed of light limit makes that impossible).

  2. Any news on when IPSec VPNs might appear? It's been listed on the FB2700 product page since the beginning as coming "later"... :-)

  3. Well, got suitably distracted today - some VoIP issues - call transfer to a hunt group not working, that sort of thing.

    And then my MP wants to look in to this ADR thing. Yay... So doing a summary for him.

  4. Can I add my vote for OSPF? Network guys are crying at having to use BGP for internal dynamic routing ;-)


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