Dragging Pauline in to the 21st Century

Nice fast BT engineer, 17 minutes down time, and changed from 3Mb/s to 80Mb/s at Pauline's house.

"Is that good?" she asked.

This FTTC is pretty good really.

That said, we have a 330Mb/s customer on line today (FTTP) which is just getting silly.


  1. 17 May 2012 - "Looks like we are well over a gigabit with BT and BE now, which is quite scary"

    Next day you tell us one customer can pull 330Mb/s???

    Wow.. That's all I can say...

    1. I know - crazy isn't it. This is one customer as a trail and they know there will be times when there is not going to be 330Mb/s spare capacity. To allow that spare capacity would cost us (in BT costs alone) £16,000 a month.

    2. Except if they used it they'd be paying way over that in cost of units anyway :p

      There's a point where more speed is just numbers... how would you fill 330Mbps? Run a mini ISP?

  2. Anyone want to donate to the "Getting fibre for Milo" fund? And wow at the BT costs

  3. Looks like they have done some 23Mb/s (averaged over 100 seconds) downloads already. Well done.

  4. Adrian please take this awful pic off lol. You could have found a nicer one xxxx


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