OK, someone has got to 40 and I am 31 (this is on a PvP realm this time), so I think I need to go on holiday to Azeroth for the day...

Which leaves me pondering the holiday we have booked.

Given that it was somewhere hot (Greece) my only real stipulation was that it has air-con, Internet and alcohol. Apparently what we have booked meets all three criteria.

Now, do I try and engineer playable WoW machines of some sort as well - that is the question. I believe there are some laptops designed for serious gaming (and no, I am not a serious gamer, you know that)... I'll have to investigate.

P.S. have you ever tried telling Siri to send "level 40" in a message? It sends "level XL". I wonder why Siri thinks "level" prefixing a number should convert to Roman numerals. Odd.

Update: I got to 37, but leveled my cooking a bit as well, and my son insisted I take him to dinner at the Warren. Now chasing level 41.

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  1. Do what you do best, think outside the box, don't think what monster laptop can get, think what micro PC you can take. Most places have flat screens with HDMI in the rooms. I've a Mac mini that's going on our travels with us.



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