ACE inhibitors - magic cure or annoying itch?

I have been on 2mg/day Perindopril for a month for slightly high blood pressure. It is a very low dose.

What has changed?

1. I can now get drunk (if I want). For maybe a year now I have not been able to get drunk without fear of a debilitating headache all night. Since being on these, I can now, confidently, get drunk. Even (whilst a whisky shipment is delayed) drinking glayva and southern comfort again, as I used to. I try not to get drunk all the time, honest, but it is so much nicer knowing that I can if I want to. The headaches really were bad.

2. I have now got psoriasis, apparently as a drug reaction, which is not worth the hassle - so have to go get something else instead.

Why me!?

There are other medications that they can try, and we'll see how it goes. Shame.


  1. Some people walk through life almost never getting ill or needing to go into a hospital and they can often eat and drink quite poorly. Others suffer the exact opposite; it's the balance of nature’s order. I'd liken it to a first person shooter game.. if you play enough Call of Duty / Battlefield / WoW Battleground matches long enough then you'll find the average stats across all players are nearly 50% wins to 50% losses (unless the map is unbalanced of course). But somebody is always more on the losing side than the winning one and vica versa.


  2. Well yes, if you look at all life as finite then in the end it's always 100% loss :). But perhaps I shouldn't say 100% as some of our "unique" DNA and experiences should carry over to a new generation.


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