IPv6 working

Obviously, at our office, we have IPv6 as well as legacy IPv4.

We have been chasing a slight issue recently that caused IPv4 routing for our office to break. I am sure that will be something simple, but what is amusing is that it meant the office lost all IPv4 for a while.

It took some time for anyone here to notice - we all carried on working, the phones carried on, people accessing facebook carried on :-)

One of the key things that alerted us to the problem is that one of my colleagues disappeared off the office irc server. We initially assumed it was his end as he is not in the office.

Nope, it was that he was connected over IPv4 to the irc server and we lost IPv4 in the office.

So where is he?

He is at the first UK IPv6 Council event in London, where the venue has no IPv6, hence he is coming in on IPv4.

What can I say?


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